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Would of never known, played 173 hours and never did underdark, swamp, or anything northwest of the burning buildings. Did you know you can finish up the main plot without touching those areas?

Why would you...

Does not compute.
ROFL, well for the Underdark I couldn't figure out how to get down their.
The swamp area has a CTD with saves, related to the fog that's created within the area (I tested that a bit and found out its pretty close to the scenario, where the two men talk to the old lady at the edge of the swamp.
The burning houses
with the super secret door off to the side
both seem to be mildly bugged.

Guy your looking for in the burning buildings is MIA and the super secret hide out has a guy strapped to a chair that you can't save or generally interact with. Along with the person your suppose to talk to auto attacks you no matter what.
I was pretty discouraged after that, so I didn't go any farther down the road (story wise at least).

Back tracked and took my time through the Goblin area, finished that and tele'd back to trade supplies,
when I arrived everyone is clapping saying how I defeated the gobs and the druid that I never even seen in the goblin area shows up out of no where
at this point I just rushed the ending and stopped, waiting for next patch atm.

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You don't need to. Crossbows of both types still can be found in the Grove.

I've never seen a handcross bow at the blacksmith or general trader. It's only been light and I don't remember actually if there was heavy also their or not.

Edit* ya, just light and heavy. I might have picked up the +1 light from one of the vendors or got it from a body, don't remember, but been using that for the longest time when I was playing.

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