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We Demand More Sexy Male Enemies. Larian please add. I won't even mind if they glare all the time I promise.

I second this. XD

Yes, it would be nice for girls to enjoy the game too. Although Astarion and Raphael look like charismatic bad guys, do you like them?

You would love the opportunity to have an affair with Raphael?

Astarion is Ok as a character. Is fun, even if he is blunt and say things like "you are staring again". I don't mind that Astarion is written as not nice. But I'm not sure I would call him charismatic. I guess we do have different points of view. As for the romance, right now it looks more as a "fling" thing.

Raphael, as you can deduce from my previous post, I don't see him as charismatic or attractive. I don't think he is meant to be any of those things anyway. The "affair" with Raphael would only be interesting in a completelly different scenario. For example, one where the demon pose as someone sexy and you don't know is a demon. Usually this works better when the demos start posing as a "person in distress" and ask for very minor things, and then the demon scalates to more moraly questionable stuff. But since you are already engaged, you might fail to realize that.

But no, I don't think Raphael is charismatic at all. Neither sexy or attractive. He is pretty much cardboard evil. XD His scene works, but not in a sexy way. And I accept that. I mean, some people might find uncomfortable if Raphael flirts and then, the companions would be out of place in the scene.

But since you ask, do you wanted Kagha to be a romantic option and that is why you don't like the character being mean/anthagonistic?