I would like the game to have the ability to play an elf who helps the druids and the elf Kaga, and has the motivation to support the druids and not the tieflings as a side of the conflict. Kagha can be a reward along the way, just like Minthara in the goblin route.

To do this, Larian needs to little reduce the level of evil among these druids (At least without killing children), and do something with the creepy grimaces on Kagha's face. This could be a potentially interesting roleplaying story, now in the Grove of the Druids we are offered a choice without a choice

You can play an elf who helps both the druids and Tieflin. You can do that by exposing Kagha and rescuing Halsing. The reward is doing what you think is right. I've chosen that a couple of times. If you speak with different druids, you learn about not all druids wanting to cast tieflins outside.

Of course, if you expect to have a sexy female "as a reward", then your only option is Mintara. But think about this, why then people who aren't attracted to women would do quest? I mean, male NPCs aren't rewards as Mintara is. And as you want Kagha to be. XD

I think the point is, there are nice druids, bug Kagha isn't. She is a shadow druid like Faldorn was (neutral evil) and she is not a reward.
Right now, you have the same motivations than me to help the druids. Having Kagha as a nice girl wuo pays in sex would detract from the internal conflict in the druid grove. Since you arrive at a coup d'etat by shadow druids and her being nasty is your clue to look deeper and speak with other druids to find out what us happening.

As an experimento, I would like to see what would happen if you substituye Raphael with a really hot woman that openly offers sex as part of the deal.

But from my perspective, there is no need of having princesses Peach waiting at the end of the level. wink