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Disclaimer: I'm translating from another language and would try to give you the correct information. For now, I will translate only partially and would give a short, cropped version (there were a lot of clarification questions). I've taken some personal time of this artist during his well-deserved holiday to get those answers and very grateful for the offered information. The tone may seem dry - no, it's just my editing.

"We based our work on D&D canon, 5 edition; we had believable and realistic armor as a basis, but with a fantasy bias."

"I'm using relatively somber color pallete; not everything I have done is open to publication. After the concept art is done, it can be changed noticeably, as it was done with githyanki armor. Coloring, saturation, many things may change in the process.
Yes, this gith I've done is not a generic gith character."

"I do not know for certain about customized armor coloring in the future, but I think it's possible."

"We are working a lot of time as a team, and I'm basing my work on team feedback; there is a lot of knowledgeable folks in it. I really have no time to check for the feedback from the players now".

"If some art detail looks not good enough, we are working until it is good enough. The difficulty has no impact here - it would be done. How do we know the art isn't good enough and who calls the shots? I wouldn't say exactly, but everyone on the team may raise an issue".

"The most important part in armor concept is expressiveness, memorability; we are not going for historical authenticity, but I rely a lot on the museum parts, combining them with my own fantasy and trying to produce interesting forms".

So, I think we can stop calling for More Revealing and et cetera; the art team is hard at work already and they really would not even know our wishes. Well, unless someone from public relations would give us the tools to express our opinions clearly and with a result (forum polls? something else?).

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