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But think about this, why then people who aren't attracted to women would do quest? I mean, male NPCs aren't rewards as Mintara is. And as you want Kagha to be. XD

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As an experimento, I would like to see what would happen if you substituye Raphael with a really hot woman that openly offers sex as part of the deal.

Heh. I also wonder how reactions to Mizora would be different if he was a sexy naked male wrapping himself around Wyll in the promo art. And what if it was male Mizora, female Wyll?

Anyway, why do we need Kagha as a "reward" for siding with the druids? We already have Halsin! Halsin romance when?

I would find the option to gender bent compsnions quite compelling. But even as "origins" we are told that it is not feasible because "voice acting". Although you might be on point, a female Wyll with a male Mizara breaks expectations. Same way a make Shadowheart would made some people uncomfortable.

Halsin as companion and potential romance would be great.

As for need of queer romances or romances with male characters, well, there is the same need as we have for heterosexual romances for males. Yet, depending who you ask, it might be something we like. It all comes down to preferences. Assuming that offering just one for others while you should have several reminds me of the Anomen fiasco. Very baldurs gate, but hardly fair. 🙄