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But think about this, why then people who aren't attracted to women would do quest? I mean, male NPCs aren't rewards as Mintara is. And as you want Kagha to be. XD

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As an experimento, I would like to see what would happen if you substituye Raphael with a really hot woman that openly offers sex as part of the deal.

Heh. I also wonder how reactions to Mizora would be different if he was a sexy naked male wrapping himself around Wyll in the promo art. And what if it was male Mizora, female Wyll?

Anyway, why do we need Kagha as a "reward" for siding with the druids? We already have Halsin! Halsin romance when?

I also wonder that. I used to roll my eyes at the OP's posts but I've come to appreciate his role as the Lorax for the horny. "I am OneManArmy and I speak for the horny"

I've no desire for a Khaga romance but I'm okay with sexualized clothing *if* it's applied in a "sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander" manner. If we are going to have Mizora as a seductress lets also have Cazador as an Incubus. If the model for a given robe is cut all the way to the pelvis make that design apply regardless of gender.

Should be safe for work but the IT guy might give you a sideways glance: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/801288958691831496/