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Assuming that offering just one for others while you should have several reminds me of the Anomen fiasco.

weeps quietly

Thank goodness for modders who restored Valygar and Haer'Dalis and added other, new options. Even Anomen has his fans, though, and at least there was a male romance option, instead of nothing. Larian seems to be making an effort to put it all right and mostly succeeding. Just remember, OP - sexiness for all includes sexy men too!

I fully support this opinion, and for gender equality!
But as a heterosexual guy who likes girls, I can't discuss men who need to be added as romantic interest, improved, and so on - I'm just not very good at male sexuality. But you can suggest!

Regarding gay romances in the game, the most important thing is that they cannot be stumbled upon by accident, only for those who are specifically looking for it. There is nothing worse if a neutral conversation with Astarion, where you chose the wrong line in the dialogues and got gay sex

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Kagha can be a reward along the way, just like Minthara in the goblin route.

This is the second time I've seen you express this idea. Do you have any idea how gross this is?

We're not talking about real people, but about a computer game. Therefore, I do not see anything "gross" about this being a way to motivate the player to help the druids. One way, not the only one.
Khalsin is also a reward in some way, and deserves the same content as Kagha for those who support it.
Any characters are a prize if we help them and get from them the status of a companion, romances, new quests and content related to this character and so on. Respect from these characters in the end, so that whoever helped them would be pleased. I didn't mean just sex.
This motivates more than any artifacts, valuable drops, and so on.

The problem with saying "It's just a video game, it's not real" is that how a medium represents relatable topics such as romances, stereotypes, equality etc is a perfect reflection of what's socially acceptable in modern society. That is why companies such as Disney no longer depicts dark hued children as piccaninnies in their new animated movies even though they used to. That's also why you find better repressentation of different sexual orientations in modern movies etc.

Promoting characters, that even though they don't exist still represents the idea of a person, as prizes is not something I can relate to. Not every character is there to please us. And they shouldn't. They are there to tell a story, their story. How our characters react and behave in accordance with that story is up to us players to decide but in no regard can we demand gratitude for helping them.

Also..."There is nothing worse if a neutral conversation with Astarion, where you chose the wrong line in the dialogues and got gay sex"? Nothing worse? You really wanna stand by that? I would claim that discovering that your character is atleast openminded to sexual experimentation is quite harmless. It might not have been how you intended to roleplay your character but come on, is some pixelated male sex really the worst thing in the world for you? After all, it's just a video game, it''s not real smile