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The problem is not that the companions are fleshed out. The problem is that Origin Characters have backstories and tadpoles whereas Tav only has the tadpole. Thus, the only thing that makes Tav unique and actually feel connected/important to the world ([Baldurian] dialogue tags are not sufficient) is not, in fact, unique.

There have been some complaints that seem to revolve around the player not feeling like the most important person in the game because the companions have proper backstories. I am not sure how a premade backstory will help those types though, they probably want no companions and only followers. For the rest of us, we have the freedom to be as unique as we want in creating our backstories.

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My favorite part of a blank slate custom character is that their background is whatever I imagine it to be. I don’t need anything else. I don’t feel like my characters are less integrated into the story. My character is important because they are the one who has assumed the leadership role and is making all of the important decisions.

Having DAO origin stories would limit our choices in character creation. BG3 has so many more race and class options than DAO that origins for all of those would be unfeasible. DAO originally had twice as many origin stories planned out but BioWare had to cut them for all of the resources they took to create. There is a reason they dropped the idea from DA2 and DAI.

It’s also worth noting that we don’t yet know how integrated custom characters will be into the city of Baldur’s Gate. It could be that custom characters will have their own homes and some NPCs that reflect their class.

Agreed. There are more than enough games out there that limit us, this one should remain as it is. Maybe add some generic premades if they have time for the people that can't come up with anything on their own.

Having a home in Baldur's Gate for city natives is a good idea but it might be a bit jarring for players unfamiliar with the area unless they explain better the amount of memory loss we have.

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What makes your character so special that they assume leadership with such ease? What if you want to play a character who isn't the leader?

How can you consider your character as integrated into the story when you'll be dealing with your companions personal questlines while your own character's history is never more than a throw away line?

Of course I'm assuming the Custom MC won't have their own personal quest generated by your choices, but I think I can consider that a safe assumption.

You don't have to take the leadership position. You can control all 4 characters, give it to Lae'zel since she seems to want it so much. smile

I consider my characters decently integrated into the story. It seems to me that we have lost some memories, namely the ones surrounding our capture and some of the time on the ship. Anything else is up to the player to come up with, including a personal quest, although I think that they expect this to be revolving around the situation we find ourselves in. Too early to tell. Memory loss and experimentation can make for some interesting plot (and a way for your DM to screw with you) while leaving enough open for there to be multiple ways to fill in the blanks later on.