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You don't have to take the leadership position. You can control all 4 characters, give it to Lae'zel since she seems to want it so much. smile
I would be very interested in a game that allowed this to happen. Unfortunately this game even when given a scenario where your character cedes the initiative doesn't allow that to really happen
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I'm specifically talking about the meeting with the dragonrider and his troop. Larian does a very annoying thing during the dialogue here

If you have Lae'zel in your party she attempts to take the initiative during the dialogue, this is good, my issue comes after this. If you cede that to her the game still seems to think you're in control of what happens next, I've done this a few times both with a Lae'zel who dislikes me and one that respects me, it doesn't make sense either way for her to be looking to me for guidance when she's talking to her own people, and a superior.

Having every dialogue beat revolve around secret hand gestures telling her what to say is pretty egregious, I can understand a persuade check to get her to hold off on talking about the tadpoles or the mystery box but as it stands there's really nothing yet that makes Lae'zel look to your character for leadership. In fact I think she might actually find it a little insulting.
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There are more than enough games out there that limit us, this one should remain as it is. Maybe add some generic premades if they have time for the people that can't come up with anything on their own.
I don't think a lack of imagination is at question here, but that you aren't given any tools to craft your own background. Currently you can choose race, sex, class, and a generic occupation (straight out of the handbook) which is little more than a way to Tag! skill proficiencies. Unless you're talking about making head-cannon backgrounds for your custom mc, which I consider akin to playing D&D without rules or dice rolls, it can be fun, but without any feedback from an impartial third-party, It ends up just feeling a little shallow.

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