I don't think that the character creation should be limited at all.
I do however think that seduction should be part of persuasion at certain points.

I kinda feel like it's very limiting both in terms of the fantasy of my character and also just thematically that it's always either intimidate someone, trick someone in a really basic way or talk down to someone and explain things to them like they're a child who can't figure out simple things on their own to convince them.
It feels a bit especially silly in games when you basically convince the villain that they're wrong by essentially just saying '' you're wrong, and what you're doing is bad '' and then they act like they've never considered that before lol.
I can't think of any good examples of this really where it makes actual sense, usually there's not much depth at all to persuasion in games.

It'd especially be cool with seduction if you could build up a relationship and trust with someone only for that reason that they genuinely believe in and then you just use them to progress, so something that you could build on over time and sorta condition the NPC into being easily persuaded through seduction.
Kagha could be an example of this, maybe one way or making her switch sides could be to seduce her and build a relationship with her over time and then you start making suggestions and convincing her into things more and more like letting the Tieflings stay etc.
Sorta gradually manipulating her by pulling on her heartstrings instead of just '' hurr durr, u evil staph being evil ''.