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My comment was not directed at you, rather at reading between the lines of things some have said in different threads. Some people seem to feel overshadowed by the companions simply because they are fleshed out. This is why having complete freedom to create backstory is good, you can make yourself as great or as insignificant as you want. Some players want to be the only "hero" and any npcs are only there to make them shine more brightly, not to be actual companions. This I don't understand, followers are boring to me.

A more detailed tagging system would be nice, especially if personality traits/demeanour could affect the immersion breaking facial expressions in cut scenes. As for the Baldurian tag, I just simply do not use that option if I am playing a character from another city. What I am worried about is if they add more tags and people complain it is not enough because their personal option is not there, so they keep this cycle until they get frustrated and scrap the whole system and force premades on us, which goes entirely against the spirit of DnD to me.
Having a more unique connection to the Absolute could be interesting if it was an option only. I still think our memory loss is going to be important to the plot. and personally I would not like to be told what I was doing before the abduction, it would ruin this element.

I definitely agree in the importance of companions. Companions, and the connections you make with them, are a big part of what I remember from these types of games. Having them be fully fleshed out is incredibly important.
I think that fully fleshed out and important-to-the-story companions can be balanced with the PC being a or even The 'hero,' although I acknowledge that that's likely easier said then done. Balance is key, and imo BG3 is currently a bit too far toward the "PC is insignificant" side.

That's fair about the tagging system; that people could always say it needs improvement. Similar for my other suggestions. They're not perfect. I'm not really sure what exactly would improve the game, I just know that playing as Tav rn feels lacking to me. I might just like playing as more defined characters *shrug*