Ok, I would try to explain the "why female characters aa rewards" is a trope that reinforces real world "women as property". But it is basically about context. This videogame would be played not just in US, it would also be played in places where women are not equal even in the law. In US there are still people complaining about women being able to vote and women face things like "I buy her a neal, so she owes me sex". So ""females as rewards" even fictional ones send the message that they are in the right. It might not be the intention, but that would be the result anyway. Path to hell, good intentions, etc.

Now, Kagha is clearly designed for a diferent role than "reward". She is meant to be harsh and dominate the grove by fear, not by being likable. We have seen plenty of male characters like Kagha and no one has asked for a sex reward by them. Because that was never the point of that character. If Kagha was male, would you ask for the character to ve turner into female so he can be a reward? No.

Right now things are more or less balanced. You hace 3 females and 3 males to romance. Changing Kagha would make her less fearsome and less interesting story wise for the people who aren't interested in "female as a reward". Not just that, but to balance things out, it would require to add a "male as a reward" un each faction. So who is supposed to be the "male reward" if you side with the goblins? The hobgoblin king? Then "we demand he look like David Bowie in labirynth". 😂

Of course, then dome people might complain about not having a fearsome enemy, but David Bowie!!! 😂 see how it works?

Don't worry, I'm sure that Larian would Introduce some cheese cake, probably brothels , and at least one good female romance. But it won't be Kagha, since she covers other role in the game: antagonist to good characters.

PS: now I kind of want a David Bowie based character 😂 damn me 😂

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