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Hey, no worries. Like I said, I know it wasn’t intentional, and intention is a thing I think everybody struggles to accurately articulate into their posts at times.

If you are looking for a persuasive argument you got the wrong nerd, though. I’m far too comfortable with other people disagreeing with me to bother changing anybody’s mind here. Plus, I approach these games so idiosyncratically that I know right off the bat that my own opinions don’t track on to the vast majority of players.

I have just as much fun playing with 4 custom characters as I do with companions, no matter how well they are written. I’m perfectly content to schizophrenically headcanon multiple backstories, party banter, campfire discussions, inter-party dynamics, and even party member rivalries. It’s a very mastabatory style of role play. 😂
At the end of the day I think I just envy people who can play like that, If try to just play with a head-canon like that I just get self-conscious, how fucked-up is that in a single-player experience frown

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