I am running the game at 1920X1080 with an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 (3 MB) running the 457.30 driver in DirectX 11 mode. I am on a Gigabyte Aorus I Pro Wifi motherboard running 16 gigs of Corsair memory and BIOS revision F30. I am running an AMD Ryzen 7 2700X. I am running version of BG3. A relatively new motherboard with lower end graphics.

Game launch issue - The game autosaved a crash while using Vulcan. Therefore, I forced the game to use DirectX 11. However, I believe the issues related to Vulcan come from programming code not being fully tested before release. I bypassed the Vulcan issue by loading another save point. My machine typically runs for about 3 weeks straight without reboot. The machine does not have issues with ANY other application except the BG3 beta. I am running multiple applications, games, web browsers and utilities without issue.

Game responsiveness - During the initial load sequence the game is hesitating often while accessing drives. I have a fairly responsive WD SSD that does load within the first 30 seconds. However, load times need to be improved (if possible) for anyone using a standard HD or SSD in my opinion. Removing the clipped sequences and making the entire game world appear smooth would go a long way to making sure customers aren't wondering if the game is going to load properly.

In Game issues - Speech animations - During a conversation when a character should have their jaw moving, no type of indication they are conversing properly is occurring. Conversations can be heard! I understand that psionics might be in use for some conversations. However, this repeated problem is occurring for many animated sequences not related to psionic abilities. Hopefully, these animated sequences are synched with the sounds being projected.

Recommended settings - Graphics settings can make or break the game. I noticed that most of the settings are maxxed out with either Vulkan or DirectX 11 selected. Is there a better solution for this situation? I am not running an RTX card, but see most of my settings at the highest level. I assume this was done to equate with higher graphics settings. It would help if either there was a recommended level based on the video card OR some type of utility that can provide ideal settings to match the card. Sitting motionless on screen gives me 42 FPS running Vulkan. I assume that we'd like to have more than 60 FPS most of the time. What is the recommended level of frame rate vs. display real estate? We watch TV around 30 FPS, therefore, I assume we want to see at least that much. 42 FPS seems extremely low if we realize things will get much worse once the characters on screen start moving with objects nearby.

Also, forcing users to turn down graphics seems converse to most games. Most games I have encountered, allow the end user to move graphics settings upward not downward. By forcing users to move graphics downward, the end user might have some extremely difficult settings to administer to try and make the game stable. I guarantee customers will get irate about this inconvenient setup.

Animated sequencing - Some animated sequences are not smooth. Speaking with Gandrel made me think he had a special issue from the constant head tossing. Refining each conversation will help make the end product easier to absorb and make the play experience sought after by consumers.

Objects - using Vulkan, some objects are refracting incorrectly (or not being drawn correctly). For example, when examining an embedded ruby on the character's armor (Lae'zel), the constant blinking is enough to make anyone with epilepsy have a serious issue. The blinking needs to be fixed asap.

Game World - The opening video for the game focuses on the Nautiloid (for anyone questioning this, look up Spelljammer made by TSR and you'll find out more). While I don't mind dragons in pursuit of the Nautiloid, was any thought given to using another Spelljamming vessel to pursue the Nautiloid? Such a fantastic video seems like it was truncated to remove the Spelljamming reference by bringing in the dragons. Does BG3 refer to AD&D version 2 (when Spelljammer was release to the public for purchase) or D&D 5th edition? Was there ever a thought about incorporating ship to ship combat (in the phlogiston)?

Most of these issues were probably seen in Divinity and other products Larian has created. However, the full release of BG3 is yet to come. I am hoping that these major issues are worked out of the end product and make an enjoyable solution for all customers including me. I do hope that Larian will consider the last thing I mentioned. Ship to ship could provide a game segment that could be exquisite if it is done properly (and not overly emphasized).