The tea house quest does not finish. (plus one entry is not translated)

- I talked with her in the grove.
- I met her on the way to the swamp and killed the 2 man.
- I dispelled the illusion that the swamp looks nice.
- I killed the red caps.
- I refused her help, she turned into a hag and ran away.
- I killed the masked guys
- I killed the hag by sending my rangers spider down repeatedly. My party was not near the hag when she died. The girl in the cage died during the battle.
It could be possible that no one was around when she died. When my spider triggered combat with the hag, I believe my spider died when the girl was alive but the cage was burning.
When the next spider came the cage was empty. I found the amulet of the girl but not her body.
- The quest log asks me to talk to the girl and see if she is well, but I am sure she fell when the cage continued to burn. (not sure, but I guess she is supposed to die if you do not interact with the cage).
- After that I used an item I found in the hag hideout to reanimate the corpse of the girls father, but I had to kill his zombie.

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