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And now a little bit of information about the artist himself: he refers to himself as freelancer artist here https://www.artstation.com/ikostya. Yes, looks like Larian hired him to do some work. But what made you think that he would be ever involved in direct processing of players feedback, when his task is to draw pictures?

Because it would be nice if they knew what people around think about their work and art direction. If the subject is brought up in a friendly manner.
I agree with the position of Uncle Lester and KillerRabbit, and posted here before almost the same words; it sat in my head, so I found whoever could be reached and asked questions.

As can be seen from the link you've provided, this artist did believable, realistic-looking clothing and armor and he understands what they are doing now instead. So it's the matter of art direction.

Seems you totally misunderstood what I'm talking about. Taking your first post you asked the wrong person, wrong question and then came up with such wrong conclusion:
So, I think we can stop calling for More Revealing and et cetera; the art team is hard at work already and they really would not even know our wishes. Well, unless someone from public relations would give us the tools to express our opinions clearly and with a result (forum polls? something else?).

Artists in such big projects nearly never read forums with feedback themselves. Temporarily hired freelancers especially.

It is quite possible that I've misunderstood you; as I've said, I asked questions based on the shared view of some, being concerned with the current look of equipment (both in EA openly and datamined).

I've shared the answers trying to be as precise as possible without subverting the artist's own words, which aren't a direct answer to my question, but they have explained to me "how it is going to be".
What other people make of it - is up to you all, really. Maybe my conclusion is wrong, we shall see. I'm hoping that you would understand me now, though. The question for me wasn't "is he/they reading and reacting" - that was an answer to other posts in the forum. Personally, I needed to understand a deeper question "do they understand that beautiful, stylish milanese and gothic full armor were being designed by people whose life (and work) depended on the result, and there was absolutely no need to go creative unless it made sense for the intended result, and that patchwork armor is actually weaker at the joint points then realistic examples"; (some types of parade armor is very flamboyant indeed, but differently from what we see in-game). I've received my answer (crudely explaining - I am not mad thinking of this and yes, he understands everything, but this is their chosen art direction, and yes, they are trying not to keep a tunnel vision) and satisfied with it.

As for your original question to me - I wasn't thinking of that when asking questions.
If (when) the article (in Russian) will come out, maybe there you will get more info.

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