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A redemption path for Astarion is likely, considering the players will be able to take any of the origin npcs on either a good or evil playthrough. And I don't think the devs would restrict in-game choices based on origin to the point where the player is forced to play good or evil. So the writers will need to make room for either possibilty. Now whether you can still redeem him if he is not the main character is another question.

I dunno I'm not really sure. I thought the game is drawing him to some sort of redemption arc up until a specific moment in his post goblin killing conversation. And even this conversation seems to build up towards it, he starts by saying "I never thought of myself as a hero" and his tone seems to suggest he might surprisingly enjoy it, and then he is like "I hate it". I thought it was a very good subversion of expectations moment, And even if it doesn't necessarily mean there is no redemption in his future, it was a very nice moment.

The other question is (damn you FR) of course "can Astarion even be redeemed?" FR lore as I understand it dictates that Astarion is a vampire = undead= inherently and unredeemable evil. The only way I see to redeem him is perhaps curing him of his condition (provided it is even possible. I know you could cure your loved one in BG2 of vampirism, but I'm not sure Astarion is the same). The problem with this solution is that is not really a redemption by any means. Astarion was evil because of his vampirism and now he is not because of magic. no redemption whatsoever...

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