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I must truly be doing something terribly wrong, if the op thinks that this game is too easy? I've come to BG3 from console syle rpgs (Dragon Age, The Witcher, Amalur, etc.) and have never done any turn based games remotely like this one.

In Baldur's Gate 3 I've gotten slaughtered .... a lot!

I am running three characters, or rather attempting to run three. Recently I started an "evil" playthrough and just as I freed Shazza, after having already cleared the Underground Passage goblins out, that damned idol either one-shotted her or other of my party members? Nothing that I've been able to do will allow me to target that thing to try and destroy it?

So, is there a Baldur's Gate 3 for dummies guide somewhere (because, I would really like to blow that idol to kingdom come)?

Always use your jump with your melee characters to backstab your ennemies and focus going higher than them with your ranged.

It should be fine if you understand the basics of D&D (modifiers and proficiencies)

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