Credentials: 45 yrs old, played most all the old rpgs(BG1/BG2/ToEE/NWN/etc) also happen to love tactical games(Fallout Tactics/Final Fantasy Tactics/Jagged Alliance/etc). I've never played a Larian game before though and haven't played TT DnD since it was called AD&D. I'm 80 some hours into my first play through and nearly done( I just went down into the Grotto after clearing the Ruined Tower. After the Grotto I need to go speak to the Mindflayer and have it make the potion, and I still need to go back to the Druid Grove cause Halsin is waiting there for me after freeing him(I went straight into the UD after the Goblin City and haven't been back to the Grove yet).

So in my personal opinion, yes the game is super easy atm. Being afraid long rests would result in furthering the ceremorphesis process, I only took 3 long rests during my exploration of the surface world. I did nearly every fight with just cantrips and avoided using abilities that needed short/long rests. The only had 2 fights I had to reload. One was the Spider Boss, and I actually beat that one with just my MC left standing but thought..."Na I can do better" and fought it again. The other was the Goblin Priestess but after winning that one with the help of the giant spiders I reloaded it cause I wanted the spiders left alive for the next fight so I redid the fight without them so I could free them after.

I never exploded a single barrel(nor had any used against me that I remember) and rarely used shove(though I did use it once on the Spider Boss after she warped to right beside Lazeal up on a ledge then turned away from her to spit at a toon below...I was like ok if you are going to turn your back on me and position yourself perfectly, fine than).

What I did do that it seems many don't from reading various posts is scout ahead a lot with invisibility and hide and initiated almost every conflict on my terms with toons set in place before starting. I mean ya if you run right into things and every fight starts with the enemy having advantage then it maybe a lot harder. But going slow and careful can avoid most/all of that.

Personal thoughts on high ground advantage. To me it actually kinda makes sense. There is no cover rules in place in BG3. High ground would allow a person to see the enemy entirely(no cover), while being below something would mean your target is only partially visible because you can only see their head and shoulders. IDK seems like it makes sense to me high ground has an attack advantage.