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I hope we get Sun/Moon elf split. At the very least in the form of separate lore palettes and NPCs looking one or the other.

I don't know, at least visually you can make one or the other and the rest is just picking whatever dialogue option feels more moon or sun.

True, though I always like when a game recognizes things (so to speak) and doesn't make you rely on headcanon. Reactivity and all that. And there's also the matter of NPCs; it would be a shame if they merged two different (visually and culturally) subsets of elves into one entity and placed only generic "high elves" in the world.

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I'd rather have Eladrin, they're different enough to have their own category and I'd be curious to see how they'd look.

Yeah, I think Eladrin are rather unlikely, but I'd love to see how they go about the seasons thing.