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I just find kagha’s writing hamfisted, regardless of the background lore behind the shadow druids or druids in general. As if Larian has no faith that I will see her in the wrong unless she is a raving lunatic who kills children. Not enough to be apathetic towards the plight of the tieflings in favor of her own nest, gotta call them parasites and advocate for ethnic cleansing. Gotta make the dead child scene a nigh impossibility to avoid. Maybe if she returns for another chapter, she will take on the gentleman’s game of kitten kicking. Druids need to pass the time under the dome of thorns somehow after all.

If anything, Arabella’s death felt more like a consequence that should have cone for royally screwing up an interaction. Or perhaps the influence of an evil pc playing the devil on the shoulder. Making it this difficult to avoid seems more an encounter for the goblin camp.
It's also quite amusing to see Early Access marketed as "live out your evil fantasies!" and then a character like Kagha shows up who is so evil that even Lolth Drow wouldn't side with her. Not that you can side with her, for that matter.
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I prefer the old-fashioned neutral druids, because their goals of protecting nature and preserving the balance was something different to the usual good vs. evil axis, which is what most cRPGs tend to focus solely on. I'd rather have them put the survival of the grove first than risk the grove for the tieflings. Might as well make them good aligned priests of some nature-related deity in that case. I'm not a big fan of either Kagha or Halsin as they currently are.
Completely agree with you. If the druids need a hamfisted alignment like this then what differentiates them from Paladins / Demons now.