No all the druidic circles are tolerant or neutral. It don't take much for a circle of Silvanus to become way less tolerant all it takes is an Archdruid that lead the circle in that direction. Archdruid have the final word in everything. Like i explained in past Silvanus circles are often not open to the outsiders even the pure neutral ones. In the case of Khaga is different factors that turns her the way she is.

Druids are not hippy. And the circle represented in the game were belonging to Silvanus. And in the case of the Grove is truly evident how many druids, included Khaga thing the balance in the area is disrupted this alone could bring a circle to take action and even if neutral they could even take openly hostile action.

I think Khaga wants to appear always in the right but in the end she was not the one killing the child. Her vyper was. The prejudice she had on the Tiefling was in this case aggravated by the fact that the girl ((even if she did that to aid the others)) stole the silvanus idol. But overall Tiefling are often victim of prejudice.