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I love her as well...too bad I have to slaughter all the Druids to get in her pants

Wow...that sentence sounds so carefreely spoken I don''t know what scares me the most. You for writing it, or me for speaking it out loudly in a carefree tone?

Momma, I don't like what this forum is doing to me.

What can you say, people do like that drow p.... They should still add one drow (male or female) romance/companion option if they are not going to add Minthara. At least that.

It will be sad, because they have already given the drow which we like, and this year we will get used to it. If they wanted to add another drow girl as a companion, they should have done no Minthara at all in Act 1 EA. It is so well designed and have a big potential..
Let there be two drow companions, okay, its nice. But one of them is Minthara