Game crashes when cycling between characters in Character Sheet view in the inventory screen when I double click on a party member's portrait. This has happened twice, once when switching to Astarion from my main character, and once when switching to Gale from my main character.

Also observed the following visual issues but don't feel like they deserve their own thread.
1. Camera on nautiloid before entering first imp fight gets stuck on side of the ship and swivels like crazy.
2. Imps in the background dive through the floor of the level during battle in helm.
3. Stranded fisherman visibly cycles between two different animations instantly after I intimidated him with githyanki talk.
4. Cuts between shots while meeting Gale cause smoke effects in the background from the crashed ship to spazz out. The smoke flashed bright blue for a moment before rendering.

This is my first forum post. Let me know if I'm doing it wrong. Keep up the good work!