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that is just the worst way to use early access branching.

use it to give us access to the next upcoming "unstable" build (that is how every single early access dev does it, except you.....)
not the previous version.....



the 50+ early access game in my steam library and egs library

let me name you some just at random

industries of titans ,does it
satisfactory ,does it
foundation ,does it
space haven ,does it
factorio did it
oxygen not included did it
kerbal space program did it
ark did it
rust did it
starbound did it
besiege did it
prison architect did it
I could go on like this all day

The difference is that Larian will actually release the game next year, while many of the games you mention were/have been in 'Early Access' for years. I personally vastly prefer Larian's model.

This is also pretty much how they've done things since D:OS ten years ago. If you had done the slightest bit of research before impulse-buying a €60 EA game that clearly marketed itself as such, you would have known that.