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Like i already said i play in this setting since Advanced Dungeons and Dragon. And more i were learning about the situation more i were thinking ((uh oh.. This is going to be very problematic)).

For what concerns me Larian was true to the setting when designed this situation. We also have to keep in mind that for many players this is a setting they know soley by the Videogames Bg/Bg2/Icw/icw2/nwn/nwn2 in those games excluded baldurs gate 2 potrayal of the druid were largerly: We are the nature guys that loves to hugs trees

For me it's not whether they are true to the setting, because I agree they are. My point was that Kagha and Halsin, as they are, feel unnecessary. The conflict between the druids, trying to protect the grove because it's a sacred place, and desperate refugees, whose presence is putting the grove at risk, would have been more interesting without the entire good vs. evil druid leader subplot.

It is not a good versus evil at all. As i explained several posts ago for the Druids the circle is something sacred so sacred that is usually well hidden and well shielded from outsider. Halsin accepted the refugees then the situation started to turn worse from the entire area. A chain of events happened Halsin disappeared and the druid found theyrself filled with problems they are just protecting their circle there is not evil about that. Even when the snakes killed the child Khaga seems very shocked about it probably she were not expecting the child to attempt to flee.

Steal an idol of Silvanus even only attempt to do it on a Circle of Silvanus is usually a death sentence even if the circle is neutral. In a druid mind the overall balance comes at the first place refugees means settling down. Settling down means deplete the natural resources of the area and turning the area Civilized. Now you can see the area is already partially civilized as there is a village not far from the grove. Like i said is a chain of events that brought the druids to take a drastic decision.

Silvanite druids care only for civilized people usually when they represent a threat for the place they have a circle in. It may be hills or forests is not important. Silvanite usually manipulate to keep in control the advancing of the civilization and are far from tolerant. They are not violent but they are not tolerant.

If you pay attention you can see a lot of huts. Platforms. Even a gate built around the grove that is not a thing that Silvanus druids do.

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