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And I disagree. Kagha's actions are evil; she is threatening a young child with her deadly viper. As an adult elf she surely has lived long enough to understand that a child this young doesn't have the capacity to fully grasp the consequences of her actions, and that when faced with a deadly threat a child will very likely panic. Kagha, or any of the other druids, is capable of physically restraining a child without harming them, so they could have simply locked her up. She chooses instead to threaten Arabella with her viper, which is both cruel and an unnecessary use of force. It's the classic "mwhahaha chaotic evil" of harming someone weaker because you can. And Kagha seems shocked that a little kid acted out of fear in such a situation? I'd like to know what her wisdom score is, really.

The above adds nothing to the druids vs tiefling conflict in my opinion. Sometimes less is better in storytelling.

arabella is apart of crime syndicate run by mol. They are thieves, They fully grasp what they are doing. khaga planned to lock her up, she decided to try and flee? Try and steal any holy relic from any of the major/minor religions in faerun and you would be slaughtered on the spot, child or not( especially a tiefling). Even a Lawful Good diety like Tyr would have you tried and executed for such a crime.

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