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Just takes a huge amount of dev time away from the actual game and adds content very few want.

Wrong. unless you have some very compelling proof, you can't claim very few want origin characters. I don't have much to say many do, but I did make some anti origin posts on Reddit and got downvoted quite harshly.

Look at all the people bringing up these things and are upset by it.. Its not just me.

And downvotes on reddit are meaningless wont change my opinion one speck.
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There's nothing eleveated about talking about game design :p but I'm glad you told me I was being abrasive. I would like better if you explained to me how it is connected, I want to be convinced, otherwise I wouldn't be in a forum talking about these things.
ipso facto, ergo, mutant mutandis...carthago delenda est etc.

Hey, no worries. Like I said, I know it wasn’t intentional, and intention is a thing I think everybody struggles to accurately articulate into their posts at times.

If you are looking for a persuasive argument you got the wrong nerd, though. I’m far too comfortable with other people disagreeing with me to bother changing anybody’s mind here. Plus, I approach these games so idiosyncratically that I know right off the bat that my own opinions don’t track on to the vast majority of players.

I have just as much fun playing with 4 custom characters as I do with companions, no matter how well they are written. I’m perfectly content to schizophrenically headcanon multiple backstories, party banter, campfire discussions, inter-party dynamics, and even party member rivalries. It’s a very mastabatory style of role play. 😂

Same exactly..

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