Tyr especially teaches that justice has to be tempered by mercy. And there are many faiths of benevolent gods, where the death penalty would never be a prospect for some desperate urchin, tiefling or not.

Kagha isn't justified in what she is doing, although she feels the opposite is true. That is kind of the entire point of her character. She is a druid, but with extremist and xenophobic leanings.

The only reason she is even in her position is because there is a lack of other leadership figures competing with her and she is the only one pushing for a "solution" in times of fear and turmoil. Now, because all of that is reflecting a lot of what is going on in the political climate everywhere in the real world, she might seem too modern for the setting. But really, this kind of situation would not be out of place in *any* historical time period, including the ones DnD or the Forgotten Realms are based on.

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