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Would have been far greater if it was more like the origin system from Dragon Age: Origins. Namely that you get a different introductory chapter to the game that is based on what background or "origin" you picked for your character (origin which could be based on race, class, social status the PC has). Imagine being able to play as a noble from Waterdeep, an Uthgardt barbarian, a pirate from Luskan, or a drow renegade from Menzobarranazan, etc. That would automatically make the game massively more replayable, and certainly quite fitting for an epic D&D RPG.

I personally don't feel that playing NPCs is appropriate for a D&D/FR RPG. True RPGs should be about making your own character, instead of playing something made by someone else.

i've been replaying da:o and the origin aspect is terrible imo, the worst part of the game: forced into a very small number of preset "origin stories" with no option to opt out. If being forced to play through a fixed "human noble" path or "poor dwarf" path is what comes to mind when you think of "making your own character" then idk what sort of da:o nostalgia people are still getting 2020 mileage from.