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To elaborate: DA:O takes away much of the opportunity to craft any sort of backstory to your character because it is fixed, hardcoded into the gameplay, and in a particularly trite and prescriptive way. If anyone wants BG3 to be made more like DA:O all they would need to do would be to remove custom protagonists and require the player to pick one of the origin characters at start.

Edit: another good way to make BG3 like DA:O would be to add an npc in the camp that flogs dlc. now thats the true to form bioware experience i crave

I can understand criticisms of restrictiveness, though I personally prefer a grounding of the character in the world and introducing it properly - as opposed to Larian's blank slate custom PC.

But if we are comparing Origin Stories from DA:O to Origin Characters from BG3 by this standard, I would argue that the latter is the greater offender, as it comparably takes more elements out of the player's hands while simultaneously not delivering any of the advantages that Origin stories had.

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