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I think that while it is true that you can't have int lower than 8, that wis and int rangos should offer different options without having to roll all the time. After all, 14 or higher intelligence or wisdom is supposed to be high, yet it is just 10% better than 10 on a d20 roll.

In the same way that someone with strenght 14 can automatically carry more weight and jump more, an intelligent/wise character should be offered some insights/conversation options with no dice involved. Just to reflect the character.

And yes, it is more work. But it is also customization being acknowledged. After all, Gale treating you as an idiot and you not being able to answer back when you have the same intelligence and wisdom makes no sense. For example

"You look like a rashemy looking at a blackboard"

Intelligent character:

"Rashemy witches hold her ground against thay wizards. Do you understimate everyone like you understimate rashemi?"

Of course, then Gale doesn't get to shine as much or, if done well, you can enlace both characters by creating a friendly competition, sexual tensión or other dinamics instead of "Gale intelligent and custom character basic/less intelligent".

Sure, that would require coding, ifs and branching in conversation. But so do origin characters and some of them would even less played than intelligent characters.

In factor, some people would never play as origin characters.