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or a neutral evil, like SH, would be way more practical, which they are.

She's lawful neutral. She has none of the characteristics which would indicate that she is neutral evil - people just seem blinded by the alignment of her goddess.

Pretty sure she'd have no powers if she didn't belive/follow the teachings of her neutral evil goddess. Not 100% about it, guessing it works like for paladins, but i'd disagree even if it wasn't so based on what we're shown in the game. She very clearly puts her needs above those of others, and is also very much willing to commit evil acts if they benefit her.

I would say she's a special flair of neutral evil, though. She's obviously got an instinctual sense of what's good and what's evil, it's just that she was brought up by the latter. Reminds me of Morrigan from DA:O actually.