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Maybe we can provide examples of answers we would have liked to see in the game.

For example, when you met Lae'zel. She is a gith. An intelligent character who has arcana (knowledge of the planes) would know about ceremorphosis, illithids and gith. So knowing that giths are illithid's enemies can say.

"I propone a truce against the illithid, until we remove the tadpole" and be proactive.

Also, an intelligent character might ask

"How do I know I can trust you? You can be controlled by them". While other characters might get the option to say "don't come close to me, freak!" Because they don't recognize her race and she might be a demon (you are literally in hell).

Dialogs for custom characters can seriously benefit from less generic and bland options. Even adding "who the hell are you?" As an alternative to the more polite "who are you?" Or introducing yourself first help to flesh out an otherwise blank character.

And notice that since the 3 options are just ways to ask who is Lae'zrl, they can have the same answer, so you won't even need to branch dialog there.

I agree with uncle lester about dialog options helping with inmersion. Hell, if your character is really strong, it can also show up on the coments or banter. Same if you are charismatic, the Npcs could comment about you. I'm aware that it is a lot of work, but choices having meaning in the plot/conversation is rewarding for the story and the players. Also can help to improve npcs. A coward that show it by being intimidated by someone strong. Someone elitist that recognices a noble and only speaks with charismatic people. A nerd who reacts better to erudites and intelligent people...

I can think plenty of ways to reflect that in conversation options. And I hope that they incluye some of those things in editing.

This. I know their philosophy is "allow anyone attempt anything", but this falls flat more often than not. Extreme "inclusivity" makes everything bland.

Part of your "people react to certain qualities" I'd shift to backgrounds, like Noble and so on (as long as it makes sense). Backgrounds are another thing that could use more reactivity.

Some examples for ability scores:

An intelligent OR wise (5e wisdom being intuition, more or less) character could realize Astarion's identity before an explicit reveal (provided some "clues" are witnessed).

A charismatic character could diffuse intra-party conflicts.