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or a neutral evil, like SH, would be way more practical, which they are.

She's lawful neutral. She has none of the characteristics which would indicate that she is neutral evil - people just seem blinded by the alignment of her goddess.

Does that mean there can be no organized religion for chaotic/neutral gods?

Its an interesting point, but I would draw on the notion of a neutral evil deity and their relation to their clerics as opposed to their worshipers. i think it is perfectly possible for neutral deities to have hierarchies, but anyone in their hierarchy is always going to be towards the lawful end of the spectrum regardless of the alignment of the god because they are subsumed/submitted to said hierarchy which they in some way have to believe in: they believe the gods clerical hierarchy is as things should be, which is lawful. Chaotic gods are a whole other thing, but I guess an actual chaotic evil cleric, when encountering another cleric of the same god would be just as likely to kill them to prove their superiority in the eyes of their deity with the hope of further blessings than work together.

Edit; I think I would draw on the example of lolth who is a chaotic evil deity but the drow in general are neutral evil, and the church of lolth structure leans towards lawful evil

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