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Still think my alignment allocations, such as they are hold weight

Astarion: Neutral Evil (chaotic leaning)
Lae'zel: Neutral Evil (Lawful leaning)
Shadowheart: Lawful Neutral (Evil leaning)
Gale: Neutral Evil
Wyll: Chaotic Neutral (Good leaning)

Pretty close to my guesses but I have Lae-zel pegged at Lawful Evil and Shadowheart at Neutral Evil (good leaning)

Long ago there a dragon magazine that had recommendations for how to role play alignment taking into account the character's wisdom and intelligence. Some evil characters would just be selfish and not be interested in philosophical discussions of the nature of good and evil. Someone like Korgan for example "I hate to be bastard here . . . " (no you don't Korgan, no you don't) Others would have a highly developed philosophy to justify their actions -- some realms equivalent of social darwinism. "Of course I dominate others, domination is part of the fabric of this world. The strong will always prey on the weak. Judge me if you like but I see the world for what it is and act accordingly. I watch you stumbling around blinded by pretty illusions like justice and the sight fills me with contempt"

I always saw neutral evil as "evil, by any means that are effective" Shar is like the others in game of thrones, Shar wants to bring about the long night. If propping up a tyranny gets the clergy closer to that goal, great. If persuading the peasants to overthrow King McGoody that's what they will do. For the Sharran it doesn't matter if the means involve propping up evil institutions or tearing down good ones what matters is that darkness prevails.