I'm sorry, I wrongly assumed that feedback meant people had played.

Going back to topic, baldurian label could work if they offered several options in the same conversation related to that. Baldurs gate is a big city with iconic places. You could be a noble that has been in the palace and comment on how eldath grand son is nothing like him. Or a sailor who just came back from atlaka. Or a merchant who complains about the iron throne.

You can even have different takes on the same background.

In the same way that Wyll is a folk hero and noble.

An erudite specialized on the planes, or one that comes from a humble family but would rather spend time in the taberns. A sailor who is running from merchant debut, or an explorer. Or a pirate. And soldier can be mercenaries or patriots.

5ed books allow to choose that kind of stories for your characters. While a videogame is more límites, maybe they should offer a few label for extra customizing. Probably related to personality traits. Like being a Joker vs being serious.