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Playing Arcanum with an idiot evil half orc was a great game experiance.

But I agree that 8 int is not an idiot and the game has so many skill checks that your stats and skills matter.
My main issue was that some players ( well, at least I did ) will always use the char with the highest cha to talk to others. Better prizes in shops and higher chances to convince them.
So I almost never controlled my own char outside of combat.

This is why I am a big proponent of the ability to switch characters during dialogue. I like to engage everyone with my main character, but if my character realizes he's in a position where deception or negotiation has to happen of course he'd call over Gale of Wyll and go "You talk to the man" so they came pass the check.

This is more or less how DnD tends to go. If the 8 CHA Barbarian is trying to haggle the 18 CHA bard will usually step in on his behalf to talk to the shopkeeper.