There is one potential problem i have with intellect based dialogue choices ...
English is not my first language, nor second ... as many of you probably noticed, i simply learned myself by the time ... that is not told to brag, but to point out that many words i still have to search in translator, and since i live in small (read as: uninteresting for marketing perspective) country, i cant hope for official translation.
Problem i have with this system is that high intellect characters in such games tend to long sentences with many nuances i sometimes dont catch at first sight. :-/
I ofc. realize that is entirely possible with litteraly any sentence, but for some reason many writers simply tend to extensive pompous speech, instead of simplicity and factual speech ...

So honestly, i kinda like it as it is. laugh

Originally Posted by SaurianDruid
I like to engage everyone with my main character, but if my character realizes he's in a position where deception or negotiation has to happen of course he'd call over Gale of Wyll and go "You talk to the man" so they came pass the check.

That sounds incredibly odd ... if there will be any "change talking character" option (and i also hope that there will be) personaly i hope it will be without any interaction, simply one person stopped talking and another started.
In this case it would be not your character who see that is going to negotiate, and its not entirely his area of expertise ... but Gale, or Wyll see that, and simply choose to act, spontaneously and without prompting ... it also kinda seem to me to give a better impresion of characters, since they like this are (in Roleplay perspective) acting by themselves, and finaly dont need curent "main character" to tell them what to do. smile

I still dont understand why cant we change Race for our hirelings. frown
Lets us play Githyanki as racist as they trully are! frown