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I did not read everything above.
The list in the first post is nice, but I would add two topics to the UI part:
- We absolutely need a spell menu.
A hotbar may have been OK for D:OS2 were you have each ability only once.
In 5E you can cast every spell at its own level or higher. Some spells can be used again under some conditions (deal damage as bonus action every round, apply the effect to another target, . . . ).
With the current system a lv1 spell with a repeated effect will have 10 icons for high level chars: 9 for each spell level and one to cast it again.
Also, your spell book will look terrible. For every spell level you have the spells of this level and all spells from all lower levels because you could cast them as this level.

- It would be really nice if there was a way to move things from one page of the hotbar to another.
Sorting your abilities in the hotbar is a PITA now.

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