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An erudite specialized on the planes, or one that comes from a humble family but would rather spend time in the taberns. A sailor who is running from merchant debut, or an explorer. Or a pirate. And soldier can be mercenaries or patriots.

5ed books allow to choose that kind of stories for your characters. While a videogame is more límites, maybe they should offer a few label for extra customizing. Probably related to personality traits. Like being a Joker vs being serious.

Unfortunately, giving each background several options doesn't sound very likely. (As much as I'd like it.) Maybe just throw in different dialogue options from time to time; not every will match your character, but you'll be able to pick some flavourful ones anyway and the unused ones can simply be ignored as any other options?

I've been thinking about personality tags and the ways they could be implemented. Specific dialogue options? NPC reactions? Both seem to have pros and cons.

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This is why I am a big proponent of the ability to switch characters during dialogue. I like to engage everyone with my main character, but if my character realizes he's in a position where deception or negotiation has to happen of course he'd call over Gale of Wyll and go "You talk to the man" so they came pass the check.

This is more or less how DnD tends to go. If the 8 CHA Barbarian is trying to haggle the 18 CHA bard will usually step in on his behalf to talk to the shopkeeper.

I agree - fortunately, it seems that's planned. We'll see how it's implemented.