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That sounds incredibly odd ... if there will be any "change talking character" option (and i also hope that there will be) personaly i hope it will be without any interaction, simply one person stopped talking and another started.
In this case it would be not your character who see that is going to negotiate, and its not entirely his area of expertise ... but Gale, or Wyll see that, and simply choose to act, spontaneously and without prompting ... it also kinda seem to me to give a better impresion of characters, since they like this are (in Roleplay perspective) acting by themselves, and finaly dont need curent "main character" to tell them what to do. smile

Eeeh, I think I'd fine it very irritating of Gale or Wyll just suddenly took over the conversation without prompting from me first every time there was a possible charisma check. Especially given there are usually multiple avenues of what sort of check you can make and I might want to try, say, my unique ranger dialogue rather than a persuasion roll when talking to a druid.

Plus as odd as it may sound sometimes I like to make the check with my main character even knowing I have a lower chance at it.