Well, it is true that it is unlikely that they would offer something to actually customize the baldurian background in a meaninfull way. They preffer to put that effort in their "origins". But I hope they make the baldurian origin less plain and offer some kind of quest only available to that origin. Otherwise, it would be quite obvious that custom characters are just and afterthought.

As for dialog, I think that more options to show personality should be offered. After all, if we aren't going to have background, at least we should have opportunities to roleplay.

The NPC's talking is ok, they should offer their opinion. But I think that for a more party like feeling, sometimes they should also talk when it is not convinient. I mean, I don't think Laezel is someone who just remain quiet while you speak. She considers you inferior, so it is obvious that even if you happen to be better at talking, she would assume you aren't. On the other hand, Shadowheart looks like she won't talk even if it obvious that you need her support. XD