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What was the point of this announcement? The way this studio communicates is aggravating.

It is, i agree. It’s the one major criticism I have so far. They keep us in the dark a little too much imo

I don't understand you, don't you agree with what was just said about that a few posts up? And why not?

They don't keep us in the dark by giving a warning so we don't update if we want to keep the saved games. Do you see a better way to do so?
If they hadn't done so, everyone would be whining about the lack of heads-up. Though personally I'd simply update for everyone and get on with it, it's an Early Access and loss of saved games is to be expected.

As for the timeframe question, it probably depends on the advancement of the validations, it's not something very predictable. They don't have to give us any update timeframe, anyway.

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