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Come Dec 10th i probably wont care about anythig EABG3 for a while smile

Why, what's happening on December 10th?

The very fabric of the universe will collapse. Cyberpunk 2077 will be released.

You joke but when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 released, it took everyone's lunch money. Even gears of war 2 got murdered (compared to what was expected, sales wise) by it. Considering how big/hyped the release is going to be the internet is going to die when it comes to downloading it.

I wonder how CP2077 will impact other games. It is an RPG AND a shooter. Will it keep both audiences to itself? Or perhaps only subsets of the two, since it's neither a "traditional/fantasy" RPG nor a "hardcore/PvP/realistic" shooter? Then again, it's primarily an RPG, so the split is likely to be uneven. I also expect immersive sim audience to be on board (might even be the majority).

(It's huge, that's for sure.)