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I wonder how CP2077 will impact other games. It is an RPG AND a shooter. Will it keep both audiences to itself? Or perhaps only subsets of the two, since it's neither a "traditional/fantasy" RPG nor a "hardcore/PvP/realistic" shooter? Then again, it's primarily an RPG, so the split is likely to be uneven. I also expect immersive sim audience to be on board (might even be the majority).

(It's huge, that's for sure.)

From the official site:
Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure

not an RPG. They were criticized for calling it an RPG in the first place, after people finally got a chance to try the game. And I hope that's exactly how they gonna impact other games: make people stop calling "RPGs" Action-games with 1 and a half of RPG elements.

On the main theme I would presume that the patch will come out on this Monday or Tuesday. Otherwise we should be waiting one more whole week, because Larian would want to have as many working days as possible right after the launch to be able to react on possible problems, add hotfixes.

Bravo! About time someone were telling this. Everywhere i told that people just roasted me like if that game was the holy Graal!