While Baldurs Gate wasn't the first real-time RPG, it was certainly one of the first popular real-time RPGs and is the game many credit with propelling real-time RPGs into the spotlight. So I totally understand the insult that BG fans feel when a game calling itself Baldurs Gate 3 comes out with turn based combat that feels like it is strait out of a 1980's gold box. It is equivalent to coming out with a new Wolfenstien game that has these awesome trailers and home page but fails to mention that it is a 2D platform game. If you aren't familiar with Larian or played the DOS games, I could see someone's disappointment when that first battle starts and they realize they can't unpause. Might even be a reason for some to hit the "Don't Recommend" button on Steam.

But personally, I wont dismiss the other amazing things this game has going for it. The graphics, the non-cookie cutter animations, the companion interactions, the choices, the story and how things unfold. I mean... I am not a fan of the combat system at all, but in ALL OTHER REGARDS... this game is amazing. So per my Steam review, the lack of real-time combat is disappointing but not a deal breaker. My hope is that Larian announces plans to have a real-time combat DLC post release. Preferably announce it before the end of EA. They wouldn't even have to give a timeline. Just state that one will eventually come. That seems like it would be a win-win strategy to me.

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