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Shadowheart feels a lot more like the Sebille of this game, to be honest. Right down to the fact that if you're playing the wrong race (Gith or Lizard respectively) there is a high chance you'll end up killing her upon your first meeting.

They're both cagey about their pasts and in service to some dark power they don't want to talk about. They both even have
a loss of memories of who they are supposed to be
as a plot point. And they're both elven and snarky.

Astarion has little in common with Sebille aside from general rogue traits.

I kind of agree with this from the little we've seen so far. The rogue abilities are pretty much the only solid likeness to me. I get sebile much more strongly as a cross between Shadowhearts attitude and Lae'zels personality/general outlook.

Astarion certainly seems to have some redeemable traits and 'good' deep down, which comes out as you get to know him. I'm curious to see if that 'sticks' or whether it was an anomaly/act on his part. As mentioned above there seem to be some differences between early discussion of his back story and the more current data mined spoilers I've tripped over. It'll be interesting to see what his story actually is and how much of an ass he really was before his tragic past occurred!