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I was thinking the same thing. I'm more into the RPG than I am into the FPS style of games. Don't get me wrong I've most of the DOOM series but they don't hold my interest like Skyrim; The Witcher series, Baldurs Gate, etc. And with this one having both together I might have to take a pass on it as well and watch it on youtube

I think it is interesting that you put the Witcher and Skyrim in the same class as Baldur's Gate. In truth the Witcher and Skyrim are closer to Cyberpunk or Valhalla than to Baldurs Gate. The old school RPG system tends to focus heavily on the party and it ability to work together while the Action / Adventure style of RPG focus is on the solo player by and large.

Each game style has it's plus or minus and appeal. To me however, MOST, action style RPGs use image quality as a crutch to hide a lack of depth in story line. I would rather an RPG not be as pretty but has a deep and compelling story that pulls me into the play. Plus with a good co-op system you can have that party working together experience like we had on table top, something that is easier to do in more traditional style RPGs.