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Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure

not an RPG. They were criticized for calling it an RPG in the first place, after people finally got a chance to try the game. And I hope that's exactly how they gonna impact other games: make people stop calling "RPGs" Action-games with 1 and a half of RPG elements.

And why exactly are you saying it's not an RPG? I've been playing many tabletop systems for years, I played the Witcher and I know a lot about Cyberpunk and for me it's obvious both these games are RPGs. Different than BG, but still RPGs. The Witcher is just an RPG with pre-generated character from the books (but hey, I played many one-shot sessions in which I got pre-generated characters from my GMs).

Agreed. I'm not sure why CP2077 is supposed to NOT be an RPG; it's not a cRPG (in the sense of "party-based isometric/top-down pausable computer RPG"), but I'd say it's very much an RPG. No less than TES or The Witcher. Perhaps more so. It's based on a TTRPG and seems fairly faithful to it in character building (to my unfamiliar eye, anyway), allows you to create and roleplay a character, appears to have choice&consequence, has an explorable living world, is story-focused... FPV, shooting and cyberpunk setting(?) imo don't make it any less of an RPG.